General Questions

What is Projectmaterials? is a B2B marketplace for the oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, renewable energies and construction industries.

On sellers can publish and give global visibility to their products, surplus stock and get in touch with potential buyers. In addition to posting products, other types of ads are available, such as ads for free materials (“Gifts Ads"), to exchange Goods (“Exchange Ads"), or Job requests and offers (“Jobs Ads").

Our aim is to help industry players come together, deal safely and directly.

We charge a modest fee to get access to the marketplace and achieve the expected business goals.

Target Industries and Products

Target Industries

We help buyers and sellers of new and surplus piping, steel and oilfield equipment meet and transact online safely. Our target industries are

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Renewable Energies
  • Shipbuilding
  • Construction

Customer Segments

We target buyers and suppliers of any size. Our target audience can be classified in the following segments:

  • EPC contractors
  • End-Users (plant’s owners and/or operators)
  • Trading companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers and stockists
  • MRO service providers
  • Distributors, resellers
  • others

Product Categories and Taxonomy

We focus on materials for projects falling into the following categories:

  • Steel and plastic pipes
  • Tubing
  • Pipe fittings, butt weld and forged
  • Flanges
  • Gaskets for flanges
  • Valves
  • Fasteners and stud bolts
  • Instrumentation
  • Pressure equipment (tanks, vessels, columns, heat exchangers etc)
  • Process packages (skids, pipe-spools, and racks)
  • Oilfield equipment, including wellbore products and OCTG
  • Subsea equipment
  • Pipeline accessories (supports, expansion and insulation joints)
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Electromechanical products
  • Structural steel

To ensure that all market players “speak the same language”, and match complementary business partners automatically, we have developed a proprietary taxonomy for project materials based on widely accepted international standards and common practices.


We have a simple pricing model in place.

Your costs for using (to either buy or sell) are:

  • Subscription fee: we charge a periodic fee; during the validity of the subscription, you can post any product and communicate with other Members. As the subscription reaches an end, you won’t be able to post new Ads; at the expiry date, you can let your subscription expire, or renew it. The subscription is renewed automatically if you do not cancel it before the end of the month. If you cancel the subscription during the month, we do not refund the days from the date of cancellation till the natural end of the subscription (as per our terms of use).
  • Ads Promotion fees: You can decide to promote some of your Ads, and multiple types of promotions are available. A promotion can be activated easily from your dashboard, for each Ad of interest

Transaction Fees?

We do not charge transactions’ fees. Users are free to come in contact through the platform and conclude their deals offline

Any other fee?

No other fees apply.

Billing method

You can decide to pay online by credit card (via Stripe, the most secure online payment gateway), by Paypal or offline by bank transfer. Offline payments may delay the activation of the services.

You will receive our invoices for the services you purchased.

Our general terms of service apply to our fees.

Who Buys and Sell?

Any transaction is direct between the buyer and the seller, is not an active party and carries no responsibilities whatsoever. We do not buy and/or sell any of the items published in our marketplace, nor carry any stock.

Our terms of use apply to any transaction or communication in the marketplace.

Who Guarantees the Goods?

All products are guaranteed by the Sellers that have posted them.

We do not offer additional warranty on the goods traded on our platform, as the seller is the only responsible entity for the products. is a B2B marketplace to facilitate contacts and transactions between buyers and sellers, but we do not trade any own goods.

Any technical and commercial aspected shall be discussed and agreed between the parties directly.

If you are experiencing any issue as a buyer or as a seller in a transaction, you should resolve it with your counterpart directly.

However, if you keep your transactions and discussions on the’s chat, you will be in a better position to prove possible wrong doings of the other party – as we could support you in such cases.

Who can Register?

We welcome registrations from buyers (EPC contractors, End-Users, Traders, Stockists, MRO service providers) and sellers (Mills, Stockists, Traders) of materials for projects.

Upon receipt of a new registration, we carefully check that the new Member is a legitimate company with an offline verification and audit process (in partnership with a qualified provider of company information reports).

Our goal is to make sure that any active Member is qualified, trustable and legitimate to operate on our platform.

Do I need Special Hardware and Software? is cloud-based software, so you do not need to install any software on your computer or servers, nor need to buy any special computer or device.

Further, you can use it from any location (home, office or remote places) and always find your data online and up to date.

We do regular maintenance and upgrades on the application and release enhancements time by time.

Supported devices: laptop/desktop computers > 11″, large-size tablets, smartphones > 5″

Supported browsers: Google Chrome (recommended), Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera

We recommend using the latest Google Chrome version to experience our software properly (the older Microsoft browsers, and Firefox, may have some rendering issues).

Please note that we use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, not to resell your profile or interests to third parties. Details about cookies are provided in the legal pages of our platform.

About Us

We are a team of project material and IT experts based in Lugano, Switzerland, and operate with a truly global mindset.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals that have traded project materials for more than 10 years. We have supplied the largest EPCs operating in the oil and gas industry as well as end-users, gaining an in-depth insight into the industry, both from a technical and commercial perspective.

We have combined technical, commercial and IT knowledge to create the B2B vertical marketplace.

Contact us!

Contact us if you are interested in joining our team, proposing partnerships or exchanging ideas.

A live chat is also available, at the bottom right of your screen, to have immediate support from our customer service team.


Do I need 2 Accounts to Buy and Sell?

No, one single account is sufficient to either buy or sell. With your account, you can act as a buyer or as a seller depending on the changing circumnstances.

Of course, some Members will use the platform to buy (mainly) or to sell (mainly), however we decided to offer universal memerships that allow the two behaviours.

So, if you register with to sell your products, but you spot some item of interest, you can also act as a buyer – with one single account. The same is also true, of course.

Login Troubles

If you cannot log in, check the following:

are you entering the email that you used at registration? You may check this, by searching our first (welcome) email: is it addressed to the same email you are using to log in?

are you entering the correct password? If you are not sure, you can reset the password easily

is caps lock active on your keyboard? Remember that your password is case sensitive!

is your browser autocompleting your sign in form? Disable the autocomplete and predictive text functions of your web browser and try again

clear the cache, the cookies or try with an incognito window

Still having troubles? Contact us

Are my Data Safe?

We take data security seriously at!

The communications between your computer and our servers, and between our servers and other users, are encrypted with the 256-bit protocol (https). User’s sensitive data are also encrypted in our databases (example passwords).

Further, our server infrastructure is hosted and optimized for safety and DDOS attacks on the Google Cloud, and we have implemented additional security measures to prevent hacking attempts.

In any case, it’s critically important that you keep your login credentials as confidential as possible to prevent the un authorized access to your data.

Data Ownership and GDPR

You own the data you generate on our platform, in compliance with our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

If you decide to leave our platform, you can request a copy of your data in compliance with the GDPR laws and regulations.

We have implemented reasonable measures to protect the access to your data, however, you should keep your login credentials as confidential as possible, and not share them with anyone, to prevent unauthorized access to your account and possible data theft.

Data Privacy

We take your privacy very seriously at

The main aspects to know about privacy protection, further outlined in our prvacy policy, are:

  • We do not sell your personal data to third parties
  • We may use retargeted advertising
  • We collect data about you, your company and your trading interests to provide our service and enhance your user experience
  • Your personal profile is publicly visible
  • The products you post are publicly visible and indexed by search engines
  • The RFQs you post are publicly visible and indexed by search engines
  • If you are bothered by some user or Ads, you may report or even block it
  • Any comment you post on products and RFQs, including reviews, are publicly visible
  • The comments you leave on Ads or product reviews are public
  • If you have concerns about your privacy on, please get in touch with us.

How to Delete your Account

Simply send us an email with subject “Delete Account" or anything similar.

Any fee open at the date of the deletion of your account is due and shall be paid. If you cancel your account before the end of the paid subscription period, the remainder time won’t be reimbursed pro-rata.

Important: you may request a copy of your data while deleting your account. If we do not receive any explicit request in this sense, we will proceed deleting your data for good (they wont be recoverable).


Types Of Ads offers you 7 different types of ads which you can select during ad posting or reposting.

It is not possible to switch between different ad types while an ad is live. Available ad types are:

  1. Sell: choose this type to sell products or your surplus stock. We recommend creating a specific ad for each single product you sell, to help buyers find your offer in a proper way
  2. Auction: choose this type to sell some material, stock or product based on competitive online auctions (the highest bidder is awarded the goods)
  3. Exchange: use this type if you are interested in exchanging some product or service against other products or services (a positive or negative price difference may be required)
  4. Gift: this type shall be used when you want to get rid of some material for free (any inspection, transportation and clearance cost shall be borne by your counterpart)
  5. Rent: use this type if you are interested in renting some equipment to third parties against a price per unit of time (please be specific in your ad)
  6. Job-Wanted: this type shall be used when you need to hire somebody for your business or project, on a permanent or temporary basis (even for consulting works)
  7. Job-Offer: this type is to offer your skills and services to any interested third party

How to Promote an Ad

You can enhance the visibility of one of multiple ads on our marketplace easily.

To promote ads, just login and go to your ads table on the dashboard (Link Ads/Your Ads).

The table shows you all your active ads, and you can click on the last icon in each row to see the different types of promotions currently available (as well as the ongoing promotions on the ad).

The types of promotions you can select are listed below:

  1. Bump Up Ad ( this options updates the creation date of the Ad, pushing it upwards on the search pages when users are sorting by creation date, but does not change the expiry time of the Ad; this type of promotion can be used  only once per ad)
  2. Highlight Ad ( this will make your Ad stand out from others on the Ads listing pages)
  3. Top Ad ( make your add in the first 5 positions on the search pages as well as in it’s regualr listing position)
  4. Urgent Ad (this option is to display an “Urgent" ribbon on Ad box, to attract the interest of other Members of the marketplace)
  5. Home Map Ad (with this promotion, you can place your Ad on the homepage, to give maximum visibility to your offer)

With an exception of Bump Up promotion all of them can have multiple packages available (price/service duration).

Once you have selected the promotion type and the period you are expected to complete the payment to activate the promotion. As the payment is cleared your promotion will be active.

Promotion starts from the time when payment is cleared and not from time the promotion is requested (especially if you pay offline, which we do not advice as will result in delays).

Favorite Ads

You may come across some interesting ad during your search on To save the ad for future reference, you can click on the “Favorite" button on the ad page. You can access your favorite ads from your dashboard at any time.

How to Report an Ad

If you view some ad that looks suspicious, fake or improper, you can report it directly from ad page by clicking on the Report button and informing us  about the reason of your report. We check any reported Ad and take the necessary corrective actions.

Ads with Auctions

A seller may post an Ads as an Auction. This means that the product will be sold to the highest bidder as the auction time is over and the minimum selling price set by the seller has been met.

To participate to an auction, you need to register an account. Once you have registered, go to the auction page and note the bidding box on the right side.

In this area, you will see the minimum selling price set by the seller and the bids of other buyers, if any.

As the auction time is over, you receive a confirmation email if you win the auction.

You can monitor the auctions that you have bid on in your dashboard.

In case of award you should agree the delivery and payment terms with the seller directly.

Penalties may be applied if you bid on an auction and refuse to take delivery of the goods upon award.

Messaging with Buyers and Sellers

All your conversations with prospective buyers and sellers are available in your dashboard (click on the envelope icon at the top left of your screen).

You can search conversations by user name or Ad, and keep negotiating your deals efficiently.


If you bring your conversations with potential partners outside of our platform, we won’t be in a position to support you in case of issues.

The conversations recorded on our platform can prove, in a neutral way, the discussions you had and the agreements you took with your counterparts.


There are two types of reviews on our platform – buyer and seller.

To leave a review, you must be registered on our marketplace and have exchanged some messages with the Member you want to review.

A feedback is, in essence, a summary of the way another Member handled the relation with you, an information that may be beneficial to other parties interested in dealing with her/him.

Indeed, reviews are visible to other users that visit your profile (they can see your overall rating, the detailed feedbacks your received and filter them by type).

To note:

  • Both parties, after a chat online, can review each other
  • Both parties can comment a review received by another Member
  • Reviews cannot be edited after being posted

Surplus Liquidation & Auctions for Surplus Liquidation is a B2B marketplace where you can also buy and/or sell surplus piping, steel, and other oilfield equipment:

  • Pipes (carbon, alloy, stainless, nickel-alloys, non-ferrous and plastic)
  • Buttweld, forged and branch fittings
  • Flanges, gaskets and stud bolts
  • Valves
  • Instrumentation
  • Pressure equipment (tanks, vessels, columns, heat exchangers etc)
  • Process packages (skids, pipe-spools, and racks)
  • Oilfield equipment
  • Subsea equipment
  • Pipeline accessories (supports, expansion and insulation joints)
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Electromechanical products
  • Structural steel

Besides surplus stock, you can buy and sell excess inventory, un-used equipment, secondary materials used in our target industries.

Surplus liquidation has been another driver, for us, to set up with this service we aim at helping EPC Contractors, End-Users, Manufacturers, Stockists and service providers convert their surplus stock into cash (at fair terms), decreasing the financial impact of the inevitable engineering and procurement errors, and make sure that the huge surplus inventory can be exchanged and re-utilized for projects instead of rusting and dusting in some warehouse, when not under the sand.

Benefits for Surplus Owners

If your company owns surplus products as pipes, valves, fittings, other oilfield assets, electromechanical equipment, you may leverage to:

  • Make your excess inventory and assets visible to the world: instead of looking for buyers, buyers will come to you
  • Sell your assets at a better price: by enhancing the visibility of your assets at a global scale, and activating an Auction sale, you can sell them at a way better price compared to negotiations with the few buyers you may know
  • Generate immediate liquidity: surplus sitting in your working capital or assets, drains your liquidity. By selling these assets at a fair price, you free-up liquidity and improve the financial position of your company!
  • Free-up inventory space and decrease warehousing costs: most surplus is bulky and occupies space in your warehouse(s). Such costs, even if hidden, may be huge and impact your flexibility or bottom line (you may have the surplus sitting at some third-party warehouse, that bills your company monthly)
  • Generate a positive environmental impact: if you sell your surplus as scrap, as most EPC Contractors and End-Users do, you are surely recycling raw materials but impacting the environment nonetheless. The energy needed to convert finished products into molten metal shall be saved to protect the environment!
  • Give another chance to high-quality materials: it’s a pity to see, at times, highly valuable materials scrapped. Finding a new user for your surplus is a way to respect the efforts made by manufacturers!
  • Exchange surplus with needed materials: at times, two different companies may exchange materials, and decrease project costs!

Benefits for Surplus Buyers

Surplus materials may be leveraged by different actors in different ways:

  • End Users and EPC contractors: surplus may cost between 20 and 30% less than new production and 40 to 60% less than stock materials. It is therefore obvious that these companies may finalize projects with lower budgets leveraging surplus materials, and increase either the contract profitability (EPC) or their ROI (End User)
  • Stockists: stockholders may use surplus items to replenish their inventory at a 20 to 30% lower cost than new production, increasing the profitability of their sales!
  • Traders: traders may gain interesting profit margins by flipping surplus items from the original owner to another party, as a stockist, an EPC Contractor or an End-User

More in general, surplus and excess stock is also promptly available, whereas new production has (at times) remarkable lead times. This could be a critical advantage in some projects when materials are urgently needed (example commissioning phase).

Surplus Auctions

Auctions are a perfect way to sell materials available in small quantities (rare) or surplus stock (that may go scrapped or undersold) at the best possible terms that the market can offer.

Our auction service is tailored for EPC Contractors, End Users, stockists, manufacturers that need to liquidate surplus stock fast and at a market-made price.

How does it work?

  1. Seller creates and publish a well-crafted description of the goods in auction to attract bidders
  2. While posting the auction, sellers defines a “Start Price" (the starting price for all bidders) and a “Reserved Price" (the minimum price that should be reached to award an auction)
  3. Bidders can submit incremental offers until the auction expiry date (30 days from posting)
  4. The highest bidder is awarded, provided the seller’s “Reserved Price" is achieved, at least
  5. At the end of the auction, and in case of an award, the seller invoices and ships the goods to the highest bidder (the buyer)

Surplus Auctions Pricing

For auctions with an award price up to 10.000 USD, we do not apply any fee.

For any other auction, which is awarded via, we charge the seller the following fees (based on final award price):

  • 0-10.000$: 0%
  • 10.000-50.000$: 5%
  • 50.000-150.000$: 3%
  • 150.000-500.000$: 2%
  • above 500.000$: 1%

The auction commission is invoiced separately and payable at sight. It is progressive, as it is calculated applying the different rates up to the auction award price (example: on a 180.000$ sale, we apply 5% on 50.000$, then 3% on 100.000$ and finally 2% on 30.000$).

Our right to a commission shall not be circumnvented.

Rules for Bidders

Buyers interested in participating to our live auctions should be informed about the following:

  • BIDDING: All bids have to be placed online, as a bid is placed it cant be removed.
  • AUCTION ENDING TIMES: Most auctions have a limited time duration and the remaining time for bidding is shown on each auctioned item. The highest bidder at the time the auction ends wins the auction and shall take delivery of the goods
  • RESERVED PRICE: The reserved price is set by the owner of the goods and is the minimum selling price that is accepted. If the auction ends, having not met the reserve amount, the seller may, or may not, offer the item to the high bidder, or re-list it for a new auction
  • PAYMENT: Buyer shall pay 10% of the award price within 10 days after the award date by bank transfer (against seller’s invoice). The saldo shall be paid at collection, by bank transfer or Letter of Credit (depending on the agreements between the buyer and the seller). If a user wins an auction and does not transfer the payment within 10 days from the award, a penalty of 10% of the award price is charged and payable to the marketplace. The item will be relisted for bidding in this case.
  • COLLECTION: Shall be arranged between the owner of the goods and the awarded buyer directly
  • GOODS PRE-INSPECTION: possible, if the owner of goods allows it
  • CIRCUMNVENTION: If a buyer contacts the seller directly, and we get informed, the buyer is blacklisted on