Referral Program

Refer a Friend and Earn a Reward

What is your referral program?

If you had a positive experience with our website, you can refer your friends and get a monetary reward as they finalize purchases on our site.

How can I become a Referrer?

You become an Advocate in 2 minutes:

  1. Register (you can also use the form below)
  2. You get an email, click on the "Get Invite Link" button; as you do this, you get redirected to a page that displays your exclusive Advocate code (it looks like this--> name)
  3. Click on "Copy Link" on this page and share the link with any of your friends you decide to refer (by email, social networks, WhatsApp, etc).

That's it. Any friend that clicks on your exclusive link is redirected to our shop and you earn a reward for each and any purchase they make from their first visit onwards.

What information is required to become a Referrer?

We need an email and your name, to be able to notify you about your earned rewards and send you the actual rewards. 

What type of reward do I get?

Each friend's purchase generates a 2% reward for you (example 100€ reward for a 5k€ purchase). We pay out the rewards you earned on a monthly basis (in cash coupons, like Amazon Gift Cards). Otherwise, you can send us an invoice.

Can I check what my friends ordered on your site, and my rewards?

Yes, click on this link and sign in with your email and your name. This is your dashboard, where you can track purchases, earned rewards, payments, and your performance as an Advocate.

How can I access my dashboard?

Just click on this link and enter your email and first name. You need to set up a password the first time you log in. After you log in, click on the links at the top right of your screen to navigate your dashboard.

When a friend makes a purchase, do I get informed?

Yes, you receive a notification email for each purchase your friends finalize and you can also track purchases on your dashboard in real time.

When do I earn the reward?

30 days after the completion of the purchase, i.e. when the return right is over. The order shall also be paid in full to generate a reward (we accept payments by bank transfer, therefore, the reward is not earned until the order is fully cashed in).

Do I earn rewards for the first purchase or for every purchase of my friends?

You get a reward for any purchase that a referred friend will ever do on our site. You own your referred friends forever.

Can I refer someone in my own company?

No, you can only invite friends working in other companies.


Have questions? Contact us for more information about the Advocate Program