Prices, Payments and Invoices


Meaning of unit prices

We show prices per meter for pipes and unit prices for all other products.

Prices inclusions/exclusions

Our prices include the product with an EN 10204 3.1 mill test certificate, a standard package (cardboard box or pallet) and the shipment to your delivery address. Our prices exclude VAT, import duties, clearing costs, special packaging, third-party inspections, spare parts, documentation, special shipping documents (EUR1, certificate of origin, legalized invoices, other Customs' documents, and declarations). You are responsible to pay any such fee, if applicable.


Some products may have quantity discounts. The discounts that apply to a product, are shown on the product page.

Discounts for VIP buyers

If your company qualifies as VIP buyer, the agreed discount rate will be applied at check out on the total order value. The application of the VIP company discount may be subject to some restrictions (the order shall be above a predefined value).



Minimum order quantity (pipes)

Pipes are manufactured in standard (random) lengths of 6 or 12 meters (these measures are called "single" and "double" random lengths).

Due to this fact: 

  • the minimum order quantity is 1 pipe, shorter lengths cannot be delivered;
  • we round up any quantity you order in meters to always deliver full pipe lengths. Our delivery tolerance is 0/+1 pipe (we do not deliver fewer meters than your request, but may deliver more meters to ship full-lengths).

Forged pipes are an exception: in this case, we can deliver the exact meters you require (example 1 or 2 meters), as the manufacturing process is not serial but custom.

Minimum order quantity (all products)

The minimum order quantity is 300 €, i.e. orders for lower values are not possible on our store due to their high administrative costs.



Available payment methods

We offer online and offline payment options:

  • Paypal
  • Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, and American Express)
  • Apple Pay
  • "Sofort" (online bank transfer), operated by Klarna
  • Bank transfer

Differences between online and offline payments

You decide how to pay during the checkout process and this won't impact the price. If you pay online (Paypal, credit card or Sofort), your order will be shipped immediately. If you pay by bank transfer, the total lead time of your order will be longer as we wait for your payment before shipping.

Are online payments secure?

Absolutely. We use the most secure payment gateways in the world. Read about the security measures of each of our online payment gateways:

Do you store my credit card information on your servers?

No, we cannot access your credit card details. Credit card numbers, owners, and security code are stored by our payment providers on super secure servers, not by us.

Do I need to pay some subscription to buy your products?

No, you do not need to pay anything but the price of the goods you purchase. 




As you place an order online, we send you by email a Proforma invoice regardless of the payment method you selected. The commercial invoice will be sent as the goods are ready for shipment (you receive a shipping confirmation email).

As you receive our Proforma, please contact us in case you require specific details on the final commercial invoice (example: reference to a purchase order number, or the inclusion of other recipients).

All orders are invoiced by Tecnos SA, Lugano Switzerland. You are responsible to verify that our invoices comply with your local regulations, and inform us promptly in case of missing information or compliance.


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