Who can Buy on our Store

Who can buy from your store?

We ship worldwide to businesses and private consumers.

Shall I register to your portal to order?

Registration is not mandatory but advised. If you register, you can track previous orders and your checkout process is faster. You can register for free here.

I have an account on your Expo site, can I login into the store with the same data?

No, the store and the Expo are two separate systems, so you need two sets of emails and password. The email can be the same, of course.

Do prices include VAT and import duties?

No, our prices are net. You may receive a VAT or customs bill from to pay such costs, which are excluded from our invoices. It is your responsibility, not ours, to comply with your local fiscal and administrative Laws - as we have no chance to do that.

What happens in case of import licenses?

Some countries set import licenses for some goods. You should hold a valid import license if this is required by your local authorities to import our goods legitimately. We will not accept returns due to your failure to comply with import licenses laws.

We are based in Iran, can we place an order?

No, as Iran is currently under embargo. We comply with the EU and US export control regulations, and cannot ship to some countries including Iran. If you believe that the goods you need are exempt from embargo, please contact us (any dual-use material wouldn't be, especially high-alloy piping). We will check with our local authorities (SECO, Swiss Secretariat for Foreign Affairs) and confirm our availability to support you. The same restrictions apply to any other country currently under embargo (Russia, Cuba, Syria, North Korea, to mention some).


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